Sound Design

Miniature Linear

Linear Sound Design

Throughout the years, Bruits. Studio has been providing high end content for linear media such as featured and short films, trailers, commercials and animes. We fiercely commit ourselves to deliver uniqueness and professional grade quality to this blank linear timeline. Our extensive experience enables us to deliver cutting-edge bespoke sound design and foley work, perfectly suiting your creative needs.

Miniature Interactive2

Interactive Sound Design

Compared to his linear sibling, interactive media is a whole other philosophy. While a blank linear timeline might give you more freedom and less contraints, interactive content creation offers an equally exciting challenge: breathing a procedural life to a whole 3D world, all this reacting in real-time based on the player input and various predetermined rules. Implementation is as important as the sound design process here. With this in mind, we crafted a vast experience with tools like Wwise & Unity and are on par with industry standards.

Custom Field Recording

That’s one thing we like probably the most: Field Recording. Setting up our carefully crafted microphone collection and listening to every details of a sound. We have a massive personal source recording library, gathered since a decade of being in business. That’s why we are able to provide you with ultra high-end bespoke source sounds compliant to the most modern standards, letting your team focus on the sound design or enabling us to design fresh content for your project.

Miniature Field Rec

Trailers and Advertising

When we are not meditating outside listening to a gentle water stream flowing between green moss on trees, we also love designing big booms and dramatic soundscapes. Our sound design and music work is featured in numerous award winning trailers and commercials ( HBO, Armani, Apple … ). We have a strong impactful sound signature. We love over the top design when it’s needed, as much as we like minimalism when we feel it brings more emotions.

Miniature Cinematic2