Artwork Freeby Celtic Trip

Free Pack – 2019

Celtic Trip

Ambience / Surround

Back again with a cool little Free Pack. This time is a sum up of my recent trip to the mystical territory of Elves, Fairies, giant stones and druids. I was gifted to spend an entire night recording the famous, but rarely heard deer slab, among other things like various sea shore ambiences, dead trees, ominous winds and a cool old car door mech ( yup..Tasty one ).  You’ll find some Binaural recordings, PCM D100 XY recs along with Surround and MS ( 5.1 SMTPE ) stereo ambiences, all in perfectly cleaned and edited, ready to be mangled. There is even a special edit of the deer slab recordings, slowed down 4 times…amazingly dark and menacing. Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library as referred in our EULA.

Download: Celtic Trip

BAD_EC135 COPTER Artwork

Free Pack – 2019

EC135 Copter

Helicopter / Passbies

End of August it was the big event here in Biarritz: The G7. Unable to move more than an inch in the city due to thousand of security check points I decided to spend my time doing something productive and fired up the Mixpre 6 to record all those helicopters flying above us all the time for 3 days. What you get in this small pack is a handful collection of the Police Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter passbies, full of character, recorded with the Sanken CO100K, MKH8050 and NOS MKH8040, perfect for your post production needs. You get each take in stereo ( 8040 ) and mono ( CO100K and 8050 ) all this at 192/24 of course. Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library.

Download: EC135 Copter

Artwork Freeby Stones Verdon

Free Pack – 2019

Stones Verdon

Stones / Sound Effects

Back when we were working on Soundmorph’s new Robotic Lifeforms library, we needed some heavy thumping footsteps sweeteners to add some weight and texture to our already recorded metal layers. So we took our mics with us while going for a hike trip in the Verdon Canyon in south France, found an uber duper spot on top of a cliff with no wind and very little natural reverb, and more importantly, lots of rocks and a very neutral and stiff sounding dirt ground. That’s how we ended not hiking at all for the day and went back home with a fully loaded SD card and way to much dust on our equipment. Here is a little taster from the full session, recorded in stereo with two MKH8040 mic in a small Tascam DR100 recorder at 96khz 24bit. As usual, royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library as referred in our EULA

Download: Stones Verdon

Artwork Freeby Water Rush

Free Pack – 2019

Water Rush

Water / Sound Effects

Always wanted to resound design Into the storm ? We got you covered ! It’s summer here in south west France, the studio is reaching insane celsius values, so why not enjoy a little pool afternoon and bring the mics with ? Well that’s what we did, and we are pleased to offer you around 50 hand peaked water sounds taken from our 2 days recording session, recorded at 192khz with the L2CR setup consisting of 2xMKH8040, and in the center a Sanken CO100K and a MKH8050. All samples are neatly cleaned for extreme pitch shifting. Free to use those where ever you like except for commercial sample libraries as referred in our EULA

Download: Water Rush

Artwork Freeby Ultra Motor

Free Pack – 2019

Ultra Motor

Motorcycles – Passbies

Last time we were heading back to the studio and we started hearing huge motorcycle roaring far away. We took the car and headed straight to that noise. What a surprise when we discovered thousands of old, custom, hybrid, rare and powerful motorcycles. It was in fact one of the biggest Motorcycle gathering in the area this year! We quickly got back to the studio, took the L2CR setup, a few beers, found a quiet road which we knew they had to take in order to come back to the center of the city and hit record! What you get in this small pack is Motor roaring passbies sounds, recorded with the Sanken CO100K and ORTF MKH8040, perfect for building cinematic trailer style whooshes. Royalty free samples, please note you can’t use them as source sounds in any commercial sample library as referred in our EULA

Download: Ultra Motor

BAD_Weird Voices_Artwork

Free Pack – 2018

Weird Vocal

Monster / Vocal

Okay this time we give you a nice selection of human made but unearthly roars, grunts, heavy breathing, throat noises and more to fulfill your needs when designing monster vocals ! Everything is recorded in our soundproofed recording booth with the Sennheiser MKH8040 in 192/24 ( so frequency content goes up to 60Khz ! ) To make things easier, we made three different parts. One is the original pitch, the two others are pitched down by one and two octaves and then cleaned in RX again to get rid of unwanted noise from the pitch shifting. Royalty free as always, except for commercial sample library use as referred to our EULA

Download: Weird Voices

BAD_Fire Fury_Artwork

Free Pack – 2018

Fire Fury

Fire / Sound Effects

Kill it with fire ! Wooshes, Burnings, ignitions, Meteors ! A good starter pack to fill your needs of fire effects. Recorded indoor and outdoor with an MS Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH30 setup / MS Schoeps MK4 MK8. Everything is 96/24 Royalty free of course ! Well except for commercial sample library usage

Download: Fire Fury

BAD_Blood Gore Violence Artwork

Free Pack – 2017

Blood Gore

Gore / Sound Effects

Yup, It’s time to get dirty ! Vegetables, Fish and Chicken. Everything was recorded in our soundproofed recording room with a MS Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH30 setup in 192/24 ! This pack is royalty free, so just have fun with it, with the little exception of using those samples in a commercial sample library, but we trust you on this !

Download: Blood Gore

Mini_Kyma_Cyborg Machine V2

Kyma – 2019

Kyma Cyborg Machine V2

Kyma / Sci-Fi

The Cyborg Machine is all about turning everything you feed it into a sci-fi abstract new sound. I use it mostly with already processed material, like granular stuff, and preferably not too short sources ( at least 5 seconds is a good starting point ). The philosophy of this patch resides in being able to create quickly and with a gestural manner ( use the Kyma app on ipad ! ) new sci-fi material from raw source recordings or already made FX, ranging from small variations to completely new outer space stuff.